Joma Suez Pantalones

Joma Suez Pantalones

  • Long pants
  • Closure: Adjustable drawstring
  • Suez
  • Side pockets
  • Made of 100% polyester

Ordered just before lockdown, worn practically every day, they are not faded or felted. They have nothing to envy to brands like Adidas or other more expensive ones. The fabric inside the fleece which makes them soft and comfortable for mid-season. A much-appreciated purchase, they also have pockets that are always comfortable to have. There is a drawstring to adjust them at the waist is enough elastic already. A nice pair of sweatpants!

The products are received in perfect condition and are very comfortable. You have to order according to your weight and height so that it fits you perfectly. For what it costs it is very good pants. I usually spend an M on everything and it looks great on me, so it sizes as expected. Better fabric than the Joma gladiator, or rather different. This one is much warmer, is thick, and has pockets and an elastic in the ankle area.

Very comfortable and ideal for dancing and various exercises. Good value for money. As for quality, it is good material and it seems comfortable. Basically, it is for autumn, winter use (it has a lining inside and it is warm) and spring, in summer it is very hot.

It is of good quality like everything from Joma, comfortable, warm, and made of good fabric. To dress it is fine, to exercise if you are not going to make a lot of effort it may be worth it. The Joma pants suit needs no praise. At such a low price hardly if you can ask for better. It is totally in polyester, more lightly plush inside. The fit is correct and comfortable.

The second pants that I buy, and they are always of excellent quality and affordable prices. According to me, it is reliable and is not behind the costly brands when it comes to quality products. I have other leading brands on the market and this is the most comfortable to use. It is tight to the body but just enough, no “wide legs” and the elastic at the bottom makes it very comfortable to wear. Neither very fat nor very thin which makes it valid for both summer and winter. 

One of the best tracksuit pants I have ever worn, the material is perfect, it is neither thick cotton nor cigarette paper, so it is ideal for all year round, hot or cold; very comfortable to wear; fits me perfectly. It is a garment that meets all the requirements to wear it to go out of the house in a sports plan, it is quite warm and I liked it.

Combination with JOMA brand jacket. The good thing is better than it seems, nothing to envy to other more expensive brands. I liked it because they are the way they are we always use. And it looks good

I also bought one for my father who is sick and to make him comfortable at home and even to go to the doctor in the ambulance they are great. For me, they are warm since the fabric is very thick but for him they are great.

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