Xiaomi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi Smart Band 4

•        Swimming activity and tracking 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro; 5atm water resistance up to 50m. Xiaomi mi band 4 can work well at 50m underwater, deeper than most similar fitness trackers and smartwatches on the market, meeting all your daily routines, you don’t have to worry when you shower.

•        Battery up to 20 days Compared to xiaomi mi band 3, xiaomi mi band 4 has a higher battery capacity; With 135mAh battery capacity, my band 4 can last up to 20 days with normal use. Note if you buy genuine xiaomi, please select EDWAYBUY Europe-xiaomi regular authorized store; If you buy from other sellers, we do not guarantee that the products are genuine and are not responsible for after-sales service; thanks

Take the step, accept the challenge. Without a doubt, it is the best activity bracelet on the market since it is the most complete. To begin with, it is the one that receives the most support from the company and it will always be updated.

We found several differences with its previous model:

-AMOLED screen, finally the screen is in color and has excellent quality. I highlight the fact of being able to see the screen without problems in the street when the sun shines on it since this in the previous model was a big problem.

-Monitor more activities and with greater precision.

-Autonomy. Not only does the battery last longer (about a month without the need to charge it), but the charger that it includes solves problems with the previous model. Apart from the fact that it charges faster, it has also improved its design by solving problems of the previous model such as that we could not fit the bracelet well in the charger. This is fully corrected.

-Thousands of functionalities, sleep control, notifications, music control, heart rate measurement, etc.

-Resistance to water and dust, so we can swim with it on and measure distance, calories, etc.

Undoubtedly, for the price it has and seeing what it offers compared to the competition, this bracelet is the best on the market today. I highly recommend your purchase.

I have gone from the Mi Band 3 to this one and the truth is that it has changed for the better. The battery lasts a little longer, I went from having about 23 days of battery to reaching almost a month. It all depends on how it is used obviously. The color screen and the watch faces (wallpapers for the clock) are really appreciated, you can put any photo from the gallery as wallpaper. In short, I give it 5 stars, it would improve only by being able to read longer messages.

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