Tobillera Estabilizadora Protector Compresión

Tobillera Estabilizadora Protector Compresión

•        Material: Use thin fabric, more comfortable when using, keep your feet dry and cool.

•       Adjustable Tension: You can meet your needs by adjusting the strap, to offer strong support and stabilization for the ankle tendons and joints.

•       Anti-slip bars: Silicone anti-slip bars, on the move to increase friction with the skin, durable and not easy to change.

•       Size: Fits left and right feet, allowing to meet different requirements and ankle diameters. Ideal for basketball, running, soccer, and training.


Material: Nylon & Polyester & Elastic fiber

Size: Length 85cm, width 8cm

Features: Velcro is soft on your skin and not easy to loosen.

I sprained myself and the doctor advised me against the one-piece ankle brace as it did not allow good foot circulation. In my city and other cities, I was looking for anklets like this with velcro so that I could loosen the bandage so that the blood circulated better and I was unable to find it, and even in pharmacies they told me that it did not exist.

The change has been brutal. Very advisable for sprains.

The ankle brace would be among the so-called “fast bandage”, it does not have a one-piece compression function, it is a bandage designed to be used as an ankle brace.

The operation is good, it has silicone bands that keep the bandage in place so that the support is correct and perfectly limits the movement of the foot. Once you put it on the first time, in two or three times you learn to calculate perfectly (and the first time) how to put it on, so it is also easy to understand. The elasticity is just enough to allow mobility in the ankle without being overwhelming and, despite the first impression, at no time is it uncomfortable if you have it correctly. The thickness is also correct, without being excessive, it allows the use of normal footwear except if it is very tight.

To say that I use it because I spend a lot of time on my feet in my work, being 8-10 hours moving in five meters of distance at a high speed, so I overstress the joints of the legs. I have a ligament operated ankle which is excessively overloaded and causes me symptoms similar to a sprain. With this ankle brace, I work quite comfortably and substantially improves the punishment that I put on the ankle. Note that it is immensely more comfortable to wear than a bandage and more functional than a one-piece anklet.

I have a severe sprain with avulsion and this ankle brace helps me to walk greatly reducing pain, as the splint was removed very soon. It can be adjusted to the level of support you need and makes the foot feel more secure. The anti-slip bands help keep the pressure and the ankle cuff in place and make it feel more comfortable, notes grip without weighing you down. I recommend it.

It is just as expected. It can be adjusted to your needs, tightening the ankle brace more or less. It holds the ankle fairly well, loosely and allowing some mobility. In my case, my recovery from an ankle sprain is great. I use it when I go outside to try to avoid a new sprain while the recovery process lasts.

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