Amonax – Rodillo de rueda para abdominals

Amonax – Rodillo de rueda para abdominals

  • Dual Mode: The wider ab roller bracket provides more stability and control, especially useful for beginners. Ride confidently using our sturdy wheel frame and extra thick solid metal bar.
  • Single Mode: Simply change the direction of the wheels to have a narrower position for a more advanced and challenging abdominal exercise, transforming your abs into an impressive six-pack.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Our knee pads and handles are made from a premium yoga mat material known as TPE. Provides stronger support but a softer touch. Stay comfortable while your core burns!
  • Warranty: We offer a 2-year warranty to ensure the long-term enjoyment of your purchase. Contact us if you have questions or concerns; we are here to help you.

1)Strong and robust skeleton

It is a great addition to your home gym equipment and allows for various professional workouts.

2) Rolling on all types of floor smoothly without noise

The spiral pattern inside the wheels has been specifically designed to reduce friction. Extra thick tires around the wheels are used to silence noise and protect the roller. Our ab roller can roll on all types of flooring (both indoors and outdoors) without damage.

3) Easy to mount and convert between single and double wheel mode

The Amonax Ab wheel comes in a nice, flat box.  It also comes with a knee mat that is made from TPE (the same materials used in the high-end yoga mat).

This is good quality and robust abdominal roller. The assembly is very simple. The grips are firm and very comfortable. The wheels can be powered together or separately to achieve greater stability. It comes with a foam mat to support the knees. On YouTube, you can find a multitude of videos with different exercises, just what I was looking for.

It came from an Adidas abdominal wheel and the quality of this not only equals it, but it also surpasses it, even if it is worth a few euros more. It deserves without a doubt, it comes very composed, with a knee mat that does not hurt you, screen-printed with the two types of levels that the assembly has, very easy and comfortable. Besides, there is also a useful meter and I cannot be happier with it, this one I will keep.

 This simple wheel gives great results, I use it both to exercise pectorals and abs, it is being very useful and above all, I get better results than doing push-ups and sit-ups. It has two positions, with the rollers further away it is easier for us and if we put them together it is somewhat more difficult, I currently have them separated since I am only using it for a week, yes, daily. In short, it is a good device if you want to exercise and develop your pectorals and abs, a good complement to our daily exercise. My advice is to use it as a warm-up before you start exercising.

It has several details to comment on, such as that it includes a small mat to be able to put our knees there and not hurt ourselves, which surprised me. It is completely removable, that is, both wheels come separately, the wheel and the two pads to be able to grip the bar without hurting us and firmly.

I recommend its purchase 100%, it has good finishes and construction materials and the truth is that it is ideal for exercising for the price it has. I recommend it.

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