VENUM Kontact Shin Guards

VENUM Kontact Shin Guards

Very good shin guards from the Venum brand, they are of the sock type, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. They have protection for both the tibia and the instep. Once tested, it is found that they provide a good degree of protection for both the tibia and the foot. The fabric is of good quality. A highly recommended option for anyone who practices contact sports.

They arrived yesterday and when I tried them I was surprised they are very comfortable. They also adapt to any type of legs with their elastic fabric. The interior protections are rigid and absorb the impact very well. Although they come a bit stiff, like all protections, over time you tame them and conform more to the leg. They are light so you hardly notice that you are wearing them and they protect quite well, allowing you to launch hits and defenses with more confidence.

The best thing is the elastic strap with velcro that adjusts in the area below the knee that prevents the protection from coming down, remaining well attached to the calf. If we had a very thin calf and it tended to drop down, it would not be very difficult to ask someone to shorten it by giving a few stitches with a needle and thread making a zigzag with the tape to shorten it. An indisputable price/quality product.

I give it 5 especially for the value for money. They are perfect for MMA sparring but maybe soft for the bag unless you are a pro that is not my case. They allow a lot of mobility because of their good adaptation and lightness. The size includes L M and XL. My son practices kickboxing and I decided to buy these protections as the best impressive purchase, very good quality.

The protections are rigid so the impact is not noticed, what I also love is that it molds to the shape of the leg perfectly, the size corresponds to the order. Bring a tape for better support to the knee.

Price quality is the best you will find. Good for training and good for amateur competition. They protect enough to be able to strengthen tibias and not destroy your leg. If you go hard in combat, better ones with more protection.

I have been surprised by the quality, regarding the price I practice kickboxing 2 times a week and I have been with them for 3 months washing them and everything and as the first day in terms of filling. Training hard does not feel super comfortable at all. My height is 165cm, weight 60kg, I have thick cufflinks and they fit me well. They do not move, they are easy to put on and take off. At the top, they have an elastic strap with velcro to facilitate fastening.

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