OMERIL Bandas Elasticas Musculacion

OMERIL Bandas Elasticas Musculacion

  • Multiple Options – Elastic bands of different colors and resistance levels, you can choose different colors according to different exercises – 5 Resistance Levels.
  • Safe and Durable – The elastic bands are made of high quality 100% natural latex which is so soft, you don’t need to worry they harm your skin.
  • Lightweight and Excellent Portability – They can be stored in a Storage Bag and carried anywhere. For example at home, in the office, in the gym, outdoors, on a trip, and more.
  • Be Yourself – The bands are ideal for any type of training, fitness, yoga, Crossfit, calisthenics, strength training, Pilates, and more.

Made of 100% Natural Latex. Natural latex material provides uniform tension, high elasticity, good resistance to tearing, and wear. Non-toxic and odorless. Make your training more enjoyable and effective.

There is a little smell, but it is non-toxic and natural. If you are not going to use it for a long time, you can put it in a bag from the packaging, store it in a cool place and avoid exposing it to the sun.

The first impression is very good, right out of the box. I have already tried the weakest one, and it works very well. I use it mostly for squats. It also comes with a bag to put them in, which is great, because that way you have them all together and they don’t get lost. I would buy them again.

Good quality, good price, arrived on Saturday as expected. I have added a photo of all the products, a bag to store them, a brochure with exercises, and a card with a code to register on the web and have a 3-year warranty. I have put a photo to show the difference between the lightest and the hardest tape. Very satisfied

It is one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon and even more so in times of confinement. Positive: The delivery did not take 24 hours. They come in a super useful bag to store and take anywhere. Soft to the touch. Adequate resistance and five levels where you feel the difference. Negative: One of the bands has arrived very untidy (the XXL) and yet it is only aesthetic. They are wonderful.

Very good after the acquisition of the elastic bands, I have to say that they are helping me a lot in the training of a soccer team in a sports school (youth category), they are a great support in the goalkeeper training (I did not want to get involved in more trouble and I’m with them); They help me to build strength in my legs and arms in addition to supplying them with other types of materials to help them perform in the competition (federated soccer league).

The good thing about these tapes (I use the ones with more resistance) is that together with the exercises that come in the small document attached to the box, they can be coordinated with others (I use this one because I need them to work with a resistance high).

The tapes are differentiated by colors, from the weakest (with weak I mean less resistant to exercise) to the strongest. A transport ball also comes in the box and to keep them very well thought out so that they do not occupy much and be able to take them where they are needed.
To finish, they are advised to help us with a series of exercises and to work at home to support what can be done in the gym or doing sports.

I have been satisfied with these elastic straps for exercising at home. There are 5 different colors and resistances, so I can go up the resistance level in each exercise. They come in a bag to be able to transport them and thus not lose them. You can do various types of exercises with them, such as squats, lateral knee raises, biceps, etc. On the internet there are many examples of exercises with this type of rubber. It is a product that I recommend for all types of exercise due to its great versatility.

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