LEONE 1947 GN059 Guantes de Boxeo, Unisex

LEONE 1947 GN059 Guantes de Boxeo, Unisex

•          Gloves for all ring sports

•          Molded padding on top

•          Excellent for making short distance braces like Muay Thai and K6

•          Size 10OZ with a smaller fit studied for female use

“Black” like the darkness of darkness and “White” like the light that instills calm and serenity. These gloves represent opposites that attract and complement each other. Black conveys strength and determination, while white is refined and pure. Ideal for all disciplines that require close-range braces such as Muay Thai and K1, these synthetic leather gloves have an additional layer of molded padding on the upper part.

I’ve had the gloves for a few days. They arrived on the indicated day. The gloves are of good quality. The design is quite nice in matte color, black. The wrist-forearm area is quite open, and you have to take the point to close them so that it is comfortable and supports the wrist correctly. Compared to the previous version, which came with perforated skin in the palm of the hand and wrist, these gloves come with flat skin, without perforation, so the skin apparently breathes worse; advisable to keep them open after training.

The inside of the gloves is hard and strong, with quality materials that also make them comfortable. However, being new and made of leather, it is necessary to clench your hands much more than with other models to take shape. It is not negative in itself, but the first days can be somewhat harder than others. The velcro straps that hold the glove to the wrist grip very well, although there is a little left over and sometimes it snags when hitting in 1 on 1 combat. Nothing out of the ordinary, that does not happen with other gloves. I have colleagues who have been using the previous model for months and are very happy. Generally speaking, the gloves are good and pretty, and for now I’m quite happy with the purchase. The difference in quality compared to other gloves is very noticeable.

Well, I decided to buy a bag and boxing gloves to practice in my garage and I spent weeks looking at gloves to buy since none of them had just convinced me. These gloves are certainly worth every euro they cost; They are comfortable, elegant, durable … They are the most complete that I have found and that I went to gyms in my city to buy all the equipment, but it was priced. I really first bought another pair of gloves from this brand and I liked them so much that I also bought these for the elegance they have as they are all black. After using the two pairs I understand why the company is still alive and selling since the year 42.

Good gloves, they are the seconds I have. The first ones burst inside me and hurt me.The first thing I have noticed is that these gloves are narrower on the inside, but also lighter. At first I had to give them a little and they hurt me, especially in the little finger, but it is a matter of working them a little. Aesthetically they are very beautiful. Good value for money.

They are my first gloves and without being able to give many more details for obvious reasons, they seem like fantastic gloves. I bought the 16OZ ones and when I put them on with the bandage they will be perfect. The bag arrives on Thursday and I will try them, very satisfied with the choice. Now I can say that these gloves are great. With the bandage they fit perfectly, I have already given 500 blows to the bag and almost split it in two.

I have had 3 gloves in my life. A few shark ones from the decathlon and these. I’d say these are the best. Good hand aeration and they are pretty. A bit shiny at first but in the end the glove is what it is for. They are long up to almost half the forearm. They draw attention, are comfortable and cushion well. I have 195kg and stuck to throwing the bag to the ceiling floor and everything is fine. 16oz.

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