FIGHTR Premium Mouth Guard

FIGHTR® Premium Mouth Guard

  • GOOD QUALITY MOUTH GUARD, the only thing that matters is winning being safe during the fight and training. Only with the best protective equipment an athlete
  • COMFORTABLE MOUTH and easy to customize. We care about your health, therefore we offer you only the best materials in a two-layer system, so you can customize the mouthguard in seconds and also protect yourself from any blow from the outside.
  • MAXIMUM OXYGEN and maximum comfort. Deep breathing, good grip, and feeling of comfort. Thanks to the slim design, you also don’t realize that you are wearing a mouthguard. More stamina and care help you to focus fully on victory.
  • HIGH HYGIENE. You will receive transparent packaging for hygienic transport and easy-to-understand instructions in English.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you are not satisfied with our products, you will immediately receive a replacement product or a return. Send us a message about the order page or reply to one of our emails. We will help you within 24 hours, also on weekends and holidays.


Our slogan: win or improve – there is no alternative and that is exactly what the whole FIGHTR family stands for!

For the FIGHTR mouth guard, we have mixed high-quality materials with an ergonomic design.

The mouth guard with which you can fully concentrate on your sport. Maximum oxygen consumption and maximum shock absorber thanks to a slim and innovative design. FIGHTR Mouth Guard is made with high-quality material.

Easy to personalize by adults and children over 11 years old. Very easy to adapt to any type of denture only with common kitchen utensils. The adjustment can be repeated up to 9 times (also suitable for retainers).

High-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort. Includes packaging for greater hygiene thanks to a convenient container packaging, so that you have continuous satisfaction for your mouthguard.

Appropriate for all contact sports. Successfully employed in boxing, MMA, soccer, football, hockey, Muay Thai, and many other sports.

Focus on victory: victory begins with the head! Surely, calm and with more training going to be a winner!

FIGHTR, offers you high-quality sports articles, accessories, and assistance.

FIGHTR promotes cheap and high quality.

As a German family business, we love customer proximity. Doesn’t budge during training etc.

I appreciate the attention to detail. The packaging looks very minimalistic and nice. 

Great mouth guard! It comes with instructions for how to mold it to shape which are super easy to follow and very quick, I managed to mold it to shape in about 5 mins right before my sparring session.

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