Overmont Pao PU Leather Punching Bag

Overmont Pao PU Leather Punching Bag 

  • Perforated fabric, hooks, hook and loop safe and comfortable; Especially suitable for all kinds of fist and foot techniques.
  • Greater comfort is through the open fingertips; Ergonomic for your safety.
  • Made of durable PU leather and well-designed stitching guarantee a long life; Heavy-duty shock pad with multi-layer padding for effective shock absorption, no strike
  • Pao for training concentration and power, and precision and attitude; Professional Processing (Sewing and Riveting)
  • Synthetic leather provides good elasticity; Good shock resistance and protection against injuries

This punch pad is a little before the curve and fits comfortably and train to work and suitable for professional use in the studio and in-home playing and kicking techniques. This robust, high-quality kick shield allows you to bring the power of combat to an optimum. Its quality craftsmanship and sturdy construction are exceptional. Whatever your goals kickboxing training, or personal self-defense, it will help you achieve this.

  1. Excellent for hitting and kicking!
  2. Great for training your children!
  3. Excellent for martial arts practice!
  4. Great quality, great looks, great boxing experience!

I have used it many times already and the product is in perfect condition. Very suitable for amateur practice, although some kind of protection for the knuckles is recommended if the training is going to last a long time.

It is very good for the price it has but it is not hard for adults or children to use it d more than 10 since it carries them are soft, the seams break when using a lot of force but for the price, it has this more k good

For medium intensity training neither too hard nor too soft and very resistant, I have not had any breakage with it for two years and perfect

It is a cloth to train martial arts. I bought it because it seemed cheap and of good quality. I’ve been using it for a few days and I really liked it. I train at home with some friends so it does not have too much wear, to use it in gyms with many people it may not be strong enough. But to use it at home is fine.

It’s pretty hard, and so far it hasn’t warped too much. I have had others who were very weak after two weeks. The value for money is quite good, I am satisfied with it. Here are some photos so you can appreciate the details.

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